International Senior Citizen Day.1st OCTOBER 2016

SAHAS Foundation conducted an initiative, conceived by President SAYED FURQAN AHMED to spread awareness, celebration and importance of Senior Citizen’s amongst today’s society.SAHAS Foundation, visited all prominent public spaces, where Senior Citizen meet and starts their day.Volunteer of SAHAS Foundation greeted each and every senior citizen with roses and interacted to learn about their daily experiences. Thereafter SAHAS Foundation went to ST. LOYOLY HIGH SCHOOL and interacted with school student about importance of senior citizen and our responsibilities towards them.

Clean-Up-Drive a Day After Ganpati Immersion at Girgaon Chowpatty.

SAHAS Foundation Volunteers During a Clean-Up-Drive a Day After Ganpati Immersion at Girgaon Chowpatty.Debris which comprise Sweet Boxes, Garlands,Plastic Bottles, Glasses,Paper Plates Etc All Which are left on to the Beach after Immersion.


On 21st November 2015 SAHAS Foundation Team visited Blind School to create awareness in the society about the potential abilities and the need of visually challenged persons particularly related to their employment. We found those persons were working hard and was so talented. They were producing different kind of goods and Commodities. Our team helped them by availing raw materials to them and helped their tremendous talent to reach the Market. We have given rise to their talent and help them to grow more and do better activities according to their God gifted talent.





SAHAS FOUNDATION Paying Floral Tribute To Bharat Ratan Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Statue on Constitution Day of India at Near High Court, Fountain. Liber nobis posidonium seaex. Cuvel aliquid antiopam tractatos. In magna with labore duo, novix choro facilisi. Idcum quisin case laudem, his no habeo integre delectus. Purto affert euvis, cum at the modus fastidii oportere. Cu mei probo nominati, est meliore inermis them conclusionemque cu. Nec erat choro denique ad, ius te mazim iriure. Suas reque dissentiunt no cum. Vis posse of this luptatum eleifend ne, essent yherf equidem detraxit pro ut, eos id facer consul volutpat. Suasi reque dissentiunt no cums.





Justice for RohitVemula at JantarMantar New Delhi. Our team “SAHAS FOUNDATION” stood and fought for the justice for RohitVemula at JantarMantar New Delhi. We demanded Justice for RohitVemula. Our aim was to give justice to RohitVemula and punish the Culprits. Protest Rally was held at Dr. BabasahebAmbedkarBhavan to JantarMantar New Delhi.





SAHAS FOUNDATION Bike Rally to “Save Water, Save Maharashtra” on the occasion of 1st May Maharashtra Day and Labour Day at Nagpada to HutatmaChowk. We held a bike rally to ‘save water, save maharashtra’ on the beautiful occasion of Maharashtra Day and Labour Day on 1st may 2016. Our team followed by Mumbaikars gave a message to Mumbaikars/ citizen of Mumbai to save water as water is getting less day by day. We saw a positive response to this campaign. Many youth Mumbaikars joined us. Due to this lot of people started conserving water and started using it properly avoiding its wastage. We told them the importance of water to us and made them realize people and places which are suffering lack of supply of water. We made them imagine the life without a drop of water. ‘How life would be if there is no water left’.




SAHAS Foundation Organized “An Eye Opener” Awareness Program Against ISIS and Other Terrorists Organizations at A.P. College M.S. Ali Road Do Taki in the presence of President of Anjuman-I-Islam Dr. ZahirKazi. It was organized by SAHAS Foundation President Sayed Furqan Ahmed, A.P. College Principal Dr. MehmoodHasan, Anjuman Islam General Secretary Akil Hafiz, Farid Khan and many more people. We took pledge that we will protect our Mumbai and Mumbaikars from Terrorism. We opened youngster eyes and advised them to be aware of the traps of ISIS and other Terrorist organization. We told the,m the way they attract the youngster to get involve in their activities and had told them to take precautions.




SAHAS Foundation “KhaddaRangoli” over Potholes in Mumbai on to highlight potholes problem to shame MCGM. There are many potholes on the road of Mumbai in which water stops and create problems for passerby. Our team SAHAS Foundation made a rangoli to make them realize to feel shame and start working for the development of road.

Our slogan was “MCGM SharamKaro, kaamkaro”.

First we kept a contest ‘Selfie with Khadda’. Best Selfie we awarded with 1st prize Rs.10,000/- and gift hampers. 2nd position with 2nd prize Rs.5,000/-and gift hampers followed by 3rd position Rs.3,000/- with gift hampers. We also gave 50 gift hampers to the participant.

We organized a party named ‘Potholes Utsav’ with R.J. Malishka, R.J. Rishi Kapoor, R.J. Aakash, and SAHAS Foundation team at Mahalaxmi opp. to Sobo Central.




SAHAS Foundation organized “Leader’s of tomorrow” at B.M.C Head Office.

SAHAS Foundation interact with College students and Mumbaikars on Tuesday at B.M.C Head office on occasion speakers Mr. Raees Shaikh (M.C.G.M Group Leader Samajwadi Party), Mr. AsifZakariya (DY Group Leader Congress), Mrs. RajeshreeSirvadkar Chairman Womens and Child Welfare Committee BJP, Prof. AvkashJadhav nominated Municipal Corporator Shivsena and SAHAS Foundation Team. We had told them their duties and how they can develop a good future ahead in their life. We told them their importance to the nation. How they can help in our nations transformation. We told them their involvement in day to day life and to support nation.




New year Resolution “INDIAN Muslims Against ISIS”. On 1st of January 2016. “SAHAS Foundation and Urdu Markaz” organized awareness program against ISIS and others Terrorists Organization at Imamwada Municipal School Bhendi Bazar’. We motivated Mumbaikars to stand against Terreorism. Our slogan was ‘stand up speak out against Terrorism’. This campaign was held with the aim of terrorism free Mumbai and do not support or  give rise to any terrorism group or organizations. Terrorism has no religious.




SAHAS Foundation Organized 500 people silent Human Chain and Bike rally with the Slogan of


  • Don’t Drink and Drive.
  • We need Unite India.
  • We support Secularism.
  • Against all kind of Terrorism.

At Marine Drive opposite to Air India Building. This was a clear intension campaign to rise against drink and drive cases. To build a safe peaceful Mumbai.Mumbaikars showed interest and gave positive response.




The drug costs Rs 150 per gram, which is much cheaper than cocaine, which costs at least Rs 3,000 per gram. Unlike other drugs which are bought from peddlers and dealers, meow meow can be ordered online via Internet pharmacy websites (Once payment is received, it is supplied at the customer’s address. It is also sold in few grams as plant fertilisers, to avoid scrutiny from law enforcers. Our team SAHAS Foundation had protested against drug which is getting viral in Mumbai. Our 1st program was with the youth of Mumbai, others N.G.O. of Mumbai, Religious priest (Dharmik Guru), college student and media. Before the protest banning meow which was not involved in N.D.P.S act. After the protest a circular was passed and it was involved in N.D.P.S. Act. It was a big success for our protest against Drugs for all N.G.O. many addicted victims were sent to rehab center and seller were sent to jail. We had made a future promise to save our youth’s future. Students joined SAHAS Foundation to save future of other students who are addicted to drugs.




The 2012 Delhi gang rape case involved a rape and fatal assault that occurred on 16 December 2012 in Munirka, a neighbourhood in South Delhi. The incident took place when a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern, Jyoti Singh was beaten, gang raped, and tortured in a private bus in which she was traveling with her friend, AwindraPratapPandey.There were six others in the bus. Our SAHAS Foundation team had done a peaceful candle march against guilty people in Nirbhaya Rape Case.



Interaction with School Students regarding several problems such as area problem issues, Garden maintenance, cleanliness of the area and building. Don’t wait for government to do that start doing it by yourself.