The drug costs Rs 150 per gram, which is much cheaper than cocaine, which costs at least Rs 3,000 per gram. Unlike other drugs which are bought from peddlers and dealers, meow meow can be ordered online via Internet pharmacy websites (Once payment is received, it is supplied at the customer’s address. It is also sold in few grams as plant fertilisers, to avoid scrutiny from law enforcers. Our team SAHAS Foundation had protested against drug which is getting viral in Mumbai. Our 1st program was with the youth of Mumbai, others N.G.O. of Mumbai, Religious priest (Dharmik Guru), college student and media. Before the protest banning meow which was not involved in N.D.P.S act. After the protest a circular was passed and it was involved in N.D.P.S. Act. It was a big success for our protest against Drugs for all N.G.O. many addicted victims were sent to rehab center and seller were sent to jail. We had made a future promise to save our youth’s future. Students joined SAHAS Foundation to save future of other students who are addicted to drugs.